Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 8:00am - 8:00pm

Standing Committees and Descriptions

The Community Outreach Committee receives nominations for all suggested charitable donations.  They will be responsible for the vetting process of each charity.  They will present the charities to the membership for approval.

The Fundraising Committee is responsible for presenting possible fundraising activities for our membership.  These funds will be used as a donation to an approved charity voted on by the membership and/or beautification projects for Highland Lakes neighborhood.

   The Hospitality Committee is responsible for coordinating food and drinks for the HLWC meetings.  They will also be responsible for food setup and clean up for each meeting.   

The Nominating Committee is responsible for securing volunteers to serve on the HLWC Board of Officers. They will make their recommendations to the current Executive Board for presentation to the membership for the members approval.

   The Sunshine Committee is responsible for sending get well cards, sympathy cards, and celebratory cards to the members of HLWC and/or their family members.